About The Class

The class is court-approved and covers all the topics required by the courts for a state-mandated class. There is also a List of Resources to help you during and after the divorce.

Our presentation contains:

  • Information On Good Parenting Techniques
  • Brief Lectures By Parenting Experts
  • Video Clips That Portray Actual Life Situations
  • No Tests — Just A Brief Review After Each Module

What you will learn in the class:

  • Effects Divorce Can Have On The Family
  • How The Family Can Be Affected By Loss, Grief, and Anger
  • Parental Adjustment And Children’s Adjustment
  • Constructive Methods Of Dealing With Complex Divorce Issues
  • How To Work With The Court System
  • How To Create An Effective Parenting Plan
  • Benefits Of Mediation
  • Financial Changes

Other things you will learn:

  • Importance Of Parenting Time
  • Effective Communication With Children And Ex-Spouse
  • How To Handle Visitation
  • Do’s And Don’t’s Of Dealing With Youngsters During Divorce
  • Effects Of Divorce
  • Responsible Dating
  • How To Manage New Relationships
  • Role Of Stepparents
  • How To Prepare Yourself For A New and Bright Future!

Print certificate immediately upon completion of the class